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'Micha Huigen is an Illustrator currently based in Zwolle, the Netherlands.

His illustrations dissect and reassemble everyday objects into surreal machines.

The artist’s work, both in personal and commissioned forms, are marked by elegant and bold line work. Huigen has had several exhibitions for his solo work, but also crafted album art, music videos, magazines, and other editorial work'. - Andy Smith (Hifructose)


I want my illustrations to make people look beyond what is usually perceived as mundane and ordinary. I want to challenge them to use their imagination.

Even though I do work with certain themes and ideas in mind, my work allows for the onlooker to dive into my works and create their own reality.


Agent Pekka


Clients & Publishers

Wizards of the Coast, The Verge, GitHub, Hifructose, VICE, Morgenbladet, De Volkskrant, VPRO, Follow The Money, De Correspondent, The Believer, Wobby, Wow x Wow, Reliefs Éditions, Everpress, Eyeyah!, Hard//Hoofd, Chemistry Publishing, Werkplaast Zwolse Theaters, Heelal BV, De Nieuwe Oost